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Looking for restaurant gift certificates?

If you want to give someone a restaurant gift certificate, universal gift certificates give your recipients a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. universal gift certificates can be sent instantly by email, or printed from your computer. They are available in denominations from $50 to $500. They are redeemable at and hundreds of other online stores.


Just received a Gift Certificate?

Redeem your Gift Certificate for dining gift certificates.

Find restaurant gift certificates for 1,000s of restaurants across the U.S. at a fraction of the face value. These restaurant gift certificates are easy to use and can be printed off your computer. offers two restaurant gift certificate options:

  • A $25 fixed-value dining certificate where you just pay half the face value and then redeem them for full face value at the selected restaurant, good toward the food portion of the bill.
  • 50% OFF dining certificates where you only pay for half of the food price.