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CD Universe Gift Certificates


Want to give CD, DVD and video game gift certificates? Gift Certificates can be redeemed for hundreds of CD gifts and DVD gifts for the music and movie lovers in your life.

When you give a Gift Certificate, your recipient has over 500,000 items to choose from at CD Universe, ten times more than the average record store! This includes over 50,000 imports and music videos. CD Universe sells Compact Discs, DVDs, VHS videos, Video Games, SACDs, DVD-Audio, Cassettes, Compact Discs Singles, Cassette Singles, VHS music videos and much more. universal gift certificates can be sent instantly by email, or printed from your computer. They are available in denominations from $50 to $500. They are redeemable at CD Universe and hundreds of other online stores.


Just received a Gift Certificate?

Spend your Gift Certificate at CD Universe, one of the hundreds of online stores that accept our Universal Gift Certificate.